Gymnasium ß
Classical Literature, Univ. of Amsterdam
Film Academy (camera & documentary directing)


2015 ERITREA STARS (55 min., HD) VPRO 2015
documentary about the national footballteam of Eritrea, that fled it’s country during a tournament in Uganda (2012). After 1½ year of wandering and hiding the complete team of 17 players suddenly appears in Gorinchem (The Netherlands), where they get a permanent residence permit.
Produced by: VPRO/Appel&Honigmann                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Official selection Idfa 2015

documentary about ‘the dark room of documentary editing’. An essayistic film about the main issues in the editing room of documentaries: artistic decisions and ethical dilemmas.                              Produced by: NTR/Rocco Film

ZORO FEIGL (15 min., HD) AVRO 2015
portrait of  artist Zoro Feigl
In the series ‘Dutch Masters of the 21e Century’
Produced by: Interakt

a portrait of cyclocross world champion Adrie van der Poel, his father-in-law French cyclist Raymond Poulidor and his son and youngest world champion Mathieu.
Produced by: VPRO/Andere Tijden Sport

The rise and fall of coach Clemens Westerhof and the national football team of Nigeria in the ’90.
Produced by: VPRO/Andere Tijden Sport

2013 NO SKY NO HOPE (15 min., HD) AVRO 2014
portrait of visual artist Jeroen Eisinga
In the series ‘Dutch Masters of the 21e Century’
Produced by: Interakt

2012 WRONG TIME, WRONG PLACE (82 min.) Human 2013
documentary about the role of chance and destiny based on the tragic events in Norway on 22/7
Openingfilm IDFA 2012; Official Selection a.o..: Hot Docs, Full Frame, DOXA, Zagrebdox, Tromsø,
Thessaloniki, Munich, Silverdocs, Karlovy Vary, Melbourne
Awards: Onion Award Best Film Int. Competition, Makedox 2013; Moral Approach Award, Mazkedox 2013
Nominations: Estonian People’s Award, Parnu Int. Filmfestivall 2013; Grand Jury Award, Open Cities Doc. Fest. London 2013
Produced by: Cobos Films

WASTE LAND (60 min., video) Human 2012
documentary about the kidnapping in ’77 of a primary school in the northern village Bovensmilde.
Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2012
Produced by: IDTV

2011 8 SECONDS (30 min., video) VPRO 2011
portrait of former cyclist Peter Winnen , 30 years after his glorious victory in the
Alpe d’Huez-stage in the Tour de France of ’81.
Produced by: VPRO Television

I, JAN VAN MUNSTER (15 min. video) Kunsthal, Rotterdam 2011
portrait of artist Jan van Munster as ‘sculptor of energy.’
In the series ‘Dutch Masters of the 21th Century
Produced by: Interakt

FAGERNES REVISITED (30 min., video) VPRO 2011
portrait of former world champion speed skating Henk van der Grift , 50 years after his glorious and unexpected victory. Back to the starting point: the little village of Fagernes in Norway.
Produced by: VPRO Television

2010 IN THE BEGINNING (50 min. video) Human 2010
portrait of Prof. Dr. Ellen van Wolde, Old Testament Professor, and her
innovative interpretation of Genesis 1.
Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2010
Produced by: De Familie

PHOENIX’S ASHES (53 min. HD) Human 2010
film about lost memories after the burning down of a storage building.
Kriterion 2010, Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2010
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

2009 THE PLAYER / DE SPELER (85 min./35mm) NPS 2010
personal documentary about gambling, based on memories of the filmmaker’s father
IDFA 2009 (Feature Length Competition), Dioraphte IDFA Award Best Dutch
Documentary 2009, Grand Prize for Best Documentary 2010 at Fimforum Zadar (Croatia),
Filmfund Artistic Succes Award 2010, Grand Award Docudays Kiev (Ukrain) 2011
Nomination VPRO IDFA Award Best Feature Length Documentary 2009,
Nomination Magnolia Award China 2010, Best Feature Length Documentary Dutch Filmfestival 2010
Official Selection(a.o.) : Hotdocs, Full Frame, It’s all true, Karlovy Vary, Docaviv, London, Moscow, Lisboa, Istanbul, Krakow, MIDA China
Produced by: Cobos Films

2007 TRAINER (50 min./video) HOS 2007
portrait of a dedicated young Turkish soccer coach and his pupils
Produced by: Pieter van Huystee Films

2005 THERE GOES MY HEART (60 min./video) VPRO 2005
portrait of the world’s first old peoples house for drug addicts
IDFA 2005 other festivals Kiev, Kaapstad, Krakow, Rome, Sheffield (2006)
Top Ten Non-Fiction Köln (2006), Apordoc Lisboa (2009) Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

THE LAST HONOUR (52 min./video) IKON 2005
documentary about funerals without family
Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2006
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

2004 VOICE OF THE NETHERLANDS (45 min./video) HOS 2004
portrait of the Netherlands by speeches
Dutch Filmfestival 2004
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

2004 ALWAYS IN MY HEART/ Immer im Herzen (25 min./video) AVRO 2004
documentary love story of a German WW 2- soldier and a Dutch girl
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

2003 SENEGAL SURPLACE (50 min./video) IKON 2003
roadmovie about the cycle tour of Senegal
Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2003
Nomination: Herman Kuiphof Award for Best Dutch Sports Film 2012
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

2003 THE LAST VICTORY / (88 min./35mm) IKON 2004
documentary about the world famous horserace of Siena
IDFA 2003 (Joris Ivens Competition), Golden Calf ‘Best Feature Documentary’, ‘Best Camera’ and ‘Best Editing’ 2004, ‘Best Director Award’ Infinity Festival Alba 2004, Grand Prize for Best Film Ismailia International Filmfestival Egypte 2004, Grand Prize for Best Film Krasnagorski International Filmfestival Moskou 2004, nomination European Academy Award en Prix Arte 2004; in competition in festivals of Karlovy Vary, Toronto, Pusan
Produced by: Cobos Films; Cinema release USA, Great-Brittain, the Netherlands, Poland 2004, Germany 2006

2002 CROWN PRINCE ON WIERINGEN (50 min./16mm) VPRO 2002
documentary about the exile (1918-1923) of German crown prince Friedrich Wilhelm
on the former island of Wieringen
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

NAOMI & HER MOTHER (25 min./16mm) VPRO 2003
portrait of an 11- year old girl and her manic-depressive mother
IDFA 2003 (Kids & Docs), Hot Docs 2004
Produced by: Lemming Film

2001 GREETINGS FROM THE ‘AFSLUITDIJK’ (30 min./16mm) 2001
filmportrait based on postcards
Dutch Filmfestival 2001
Produced by: Appel&Honigmann

ILJA REPIN, PAINTER OF THE RUSSIAN SOUL (50 min./16mm) AVRO 2002 documentary about 19th century Russian painter Ilya Repin
Dutch Filmfestival 2002, Nomination Golden Statue 2002
Producted by: IDTV

2000 100 YEARS AJAX (70 min./video) NOS 2000
documentary about the history of soccer club Ajax at its 100th anniversary
Produced by: Zeppers Films

THE PROMISED LAND (50 min./16mm) IKON 2001
documentary about a man found dead in his appartement after five weeks
IDFA 2000, winner Premio Speciale Milaan 2001
Produced by: FVS Paul de Bont (cinema release 2000)

1999 TRENCH OF DEATH (70 min./16 mm) VPRO 1999
documentary about the five last surviving soldiers of a WW 1-trench in Belgium
Competition Dutch Filmfestival 2000
Produced by: VPRO Television

1999 ANDRÉ HAZES – SHE BELIEVES IN ME (90 min./35 mm) NPS 2001
portrait of the most popular Dutch singer André Hazes
Opening Film IDFA 1999, winner Joris Ivens Award 1999, nomination Golden Calf 2000, nomination Golden Statue 2001
Producted by: Zeppers Films (cinema release 1999)

1998 THE THIRD CROSS (30 min./16 mm) VPRO 1998
portrait of a skater during the unique ’11 Cities Tour’ in the Netherlands
Produced by: VPRO Television

OUTLAWED (50 min./video) AVRO 1998
documentary about the worldwide discrimination of gays
Amnesty International Filmfestival 1998
Produced by : TV Dits

1997 VREDENHOF (60 min./16 mm) VPRO 1997
documentary about the daily visitors of a cemetary in Amsterdam
Produced by: VPRO Television

LITTLE LITHUANIA (50 min./16 mm) VPRO 1997
documentary about Lithuanian exiles living on a manor in Engeland
Produced by: VPRO Television

1996 BEYOND THE DREAM/PETER WINNEN (25 min./video) AVRO 1996
portrait of a former professional cyclist as an artist
Produced by: Zeppers Films

1995 FAREWELL TO THE SHIPPER’S QUAY (67 min./16 mm) VPRO 1996
documentary about the demolition of a new housing estate in Almere,
the 1st in the very young history of this new city
Produced by: VPRO Television

1993 JOHNNY MEIJER (60 min./16 mm) TROS 1994
documentary about Dutch accordeon virtuoso Johnny Meijer
2nd place Audience Award IDFA 1993, Nominated for Golden Calf ‘Best Documentary’ 1993
Produced by: Jura Films (cinema release 1994)

1991 THE SHIPYARD (35 min./16 mm) VPRO 1992
documentary about former workers of the NDSM-shipyard in Amsterdam
Produced by: VPRO Television

1988 ON YOUR EYES (120 min./video) KRO 1988-1990
14 short documentaries
Produced by: Teorema Films

1987 RADIO DANIËLLE (35 min./16 mm) VPRO 1988
documentary about an illegal radio station
Graduation Film Academy
Canon City Award Dutch Filmfestival 1987 (Best Graduation Film)

Other activities:

Photographer on more than 40 documentaries; Guest Lecturer at the Dutch Film Academy and Media Academy; Advisor at the Dutch Film Fund; Jury Member a.o. of IDFA , International Filmfestival Karlovy Vary, Vision du Réel, Nyon; Tutor Scenario Workshop IDFA 2001, 2008 & 2009; Mentor of Binger Doclab 2005, 2010; Mentor at the International Greenhouse Programme for Mediterranean filmmakers (sinds 2006); Mentor at the Aristoteles Workshop in Rumenia (2010,2013, 2014); Masterclasses at IDFA 2001 & 2010 and a.o. Iceland, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Mexico, China, Morocco, Canada, Rumenia, Poland, Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia;
Delegate Commissioning Editor for the Humanistic Broadcast (since 2010)
Professional in Residence, Media and Culture Studies, University of Amsterdam 2009
Filmmaker of the Year 2009; Retrospective in Mexico-City 2014
Since 2000 Partner in production company VOF Appel&Honigmann, in cooperation with filmmaker Heddy Honigmann.

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